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No need to search further for the best fire protection solutions provider around Fort Lauderdale, FL, because Absolute Fire Sprinkler Systems Fort Lauderdale is here to offer you modern and more effective services to improve and protect your fire protection systems. By hiring our affordable and timely services, you can enjoy the safety and financial benefits only a robust and efficient fire sprinkler system can give you. So give us a call now to experience the wonders of our top-notch services!

Fire Protection Systems

There are many types of fire protection systems you can find in the market, and investing in one will improve fire safety within your property. Fire protection systems need very little maintenance, which means you don’t have to spend a lot for a series of renovations and repairs for the systems to perform and do best in extinguishing fires.

Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Get your properties equipped with a steadfast strategy for suppressing fires by hiring professional installers to perform fire sprinkler system installation. With the numerous long-term benefits fire sprinkler system offers, home and business owners can now fight fires without the need to risk their safety, and because these systems are prompt in controlling fires, they also minimize fire casualties significantly.

Fire System Repair and Testing

Fire system repair and testing are two equally significant methods that assure the functionality and safety of fire protection systems in residential and commercial properties. Performing repairs fix all the worn-out parts of the systems, while testing is a proactive approach that ensures the continuous and unfailing functionality of the system in suppressing fires whenever a fire incident occurs.

Fire System Certification and Inspection

Fire system certification and inspection maintain the effectiveness and reliability of fire protection systems installed in businesses and homes. Authorities require regular fire system inspections to preserve the well-being of fire systems and ensure they meet safety standards. Fire system certification will be issued to property owners after the inspections that prove their systems’ continuous effectiveness in fighting fires.

Fire System Monitoring

Valuable and lasting benefits are offered by fire system monitoring once installed in residential and commercial properties by professional installers like us. This 24/7 monitoring performed by the system detects any signs of smoke or flames instantly, initiating a rapid response from emergency teams and services. With this system, the risk and extent of damage are significantly reduced, which also lowers insurance premiums.

Fire Extinguisher Certification

Fire extinguisher certification is key to having sufficient knowledge and even expertise in handling fire extinguishers during fire incidents. However, besides the courses that enhance one’s mastery of fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher certification also ensures the on-point functionality and reliability of fire extinguishers in releasing substances that will eventually extinguish fires and prevent the existence of larger and more dangerous ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the fire suppression system work?

Fire suppression systems have one role, and that is to rapidly detect and suppress fires- minimizing the casualties in a fire incident and saving as many lives as possible. These systems, with their many types, give peace of mind to residential and commercial owners by automatically detecting the earliest signs of fire and informing the occupants about it so they have ample time to evacuate, saving their possessions and lives.

What are the different types of fire suppression systems?

Pneumatic Heat Detection Tubes, Chemical Foam Suppression Systems, Pressurized Gas Systems, Foam Deluge Systems, and Water-based suppression systems like water mist and sprinklers are the various types of fire suppression systems commonly available in the market today. Aside from their affordability, the wide range of choices allows for ease in finding the type that will cater to the specifications of a property without messing with the property owner’s budget.

How do you install a fire sprinkler system?

Several steps are involved in installing a fire sprinkler system, both in a commercial or residential property. Creating a tailored design based on the property’s layout is the first step, followed by placing the pipes and sprinkler heads. Water supply connections and control valves are then installed, and after the system is connected to a water source, pressure tests are conducted to ensure the system’s accurate installation.

What is the most common fire suppression system?

The sprinkler systems or water-based fire suppression systems are the most common type, and it’s because water has been the most used substance for extinguishing fires. A sufficient amount of water flows from the water supply to the pipes until it reaches the sprinkler heads and splashes to the area where there is fire to extinguish it effectively. Water-based fire suppression systems are easily installed, hence an affordable but long-lasting investment.

Are clean agent fire suppression systems safe for people?

Yes, clean agent fire suppression systems don’t pose any risk to people’s health, so it’s safe to use in spaces or establishments where people often go to or reside. Known for its non-toxic and non-corrosive features, inhaling an amount of this fire suppression system won’t be damaging to the health of individuals, and after it’s activated during a fire incident, it won’t leave any mess inside your property.


Relatively Inexpensive

Despite the highly effective fire security it offers, the relatively inexpensive nature of fire sprinkler systems is one of its most notable benefits for home and business owners. Its affordability makes it an in-demand product to help minimize fire damage by controlling and suppressing them, and it also assures homeowners to get bigger insurance savings when their property is damaged by fire.

Safety – Every Year, Sprinklers Save Lives

Fire sprinkler systems give an undeniable safety, and this is proven through the countless lives they save each year from fire by being prompt in responding, controlling, and completely extinguishing it by releasing a generous amount of water. They also activate on their own, a feature that lets the system spray water the moment it detects smoke or excessive heat.

Very Little Maintenance

Fire sprinkler systems are perfect for those who want to invest in systems that help in boosting their fire safety but don’t want to spend so much time maintaining them. Compared to other fire safety methods, fire sprinkler systems do not require frequent maintenance procedures or services to preserve their perfect condition, and this convenience it offers makes it more worth the investment.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Reducing one’s insurance premiums is easily made possible by installing fire sprinkler systems because these systems are excellent in preventing fires from growing and being more devastated through their swift response by pouring water onto the scene. With this significant financial advantage of installing fire sprinkler systems, you can guarantee to save more while having more robust systems against fire incidents.

Reduce the Risk and Extent of Damage

Reducing the risk and extent of fire damage is another significant benefit produced by fire sprinkler systems through their capacity to release substances that help suffocate and extinguish the fire. With the help of fire sprinkler systems, the damages and casualties caused by the fire are minimized and ensure the continuation of businesses with lower renovation and repair costs.

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